• An Introduction to Barbershop Singing for Youth
    Ten familiar songs designed to expose younger (changing/changed-voice) students to the joys of singing a cappella, natural harmony. Songs can be sung in two or three parts. This songbook is not available for sle, but can be obtained by contacting an Area Coordinator.
  • Warm-ups and Tags for Younger Voices
    Ringing chords is a rewarding part of barbershop singing. After warming up, try these easy tags that are particularly well-suited to younger voices.
  • Free Music
    Free 'N' Easy: America The Beautiful, In The Good Old Summer Time, You're A Grand Old Flag and dozens more.
    That page also lists songs from Heritage Of Harmony songbook and Joe Johnson's Arrangements noted below. These are also free to download as individual files.
  • Heritage of Harmony
    HoH Songbook: Alexander's Ragtime Band, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie and dozens more.
  • Joe Johnson's Arrangements
    Twenty Hymns and Christmas Carols in the barbershop style.
  • Tags
    Dozens of tags from well-known arrangers and quartets.

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