YearChorus NameChapter NameMedal
2017Masters of HarmonySanta Fe Springs1st
2016Masters of HarmonySanta Fe Springs, CA3rd
2015Westminster ChorusWestminster, CA1st
2014Masters of HarmonySanta Fe Springs, CA2nd
2013Westminster ChorusWestminster, CA2nd
2011Masters of HarmonySanta Fe Springs, CA1st
2010Westminster ChorusWestminster, CA1st
2008Masters of HarmonySanta Fe Springs, CA1st
2008Voices In HarmonyBay Area, CA3rd
2007Westminster ChorusWestminster, CA1st
2005Masters of HarmonySanta Fe Springs, CA1st
2002Masters of HarmonySanta Fe Springs, CA1st
1999Masters of HarmonySanta Fe Springs, CA1st
1996Masters of HarmonyFoothill Cities, CA1st
1996PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ4th
1994PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ5th
1993Masters of HarmonyFoothill Cities, CA1st
1993PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ5th
1991Sun Harbor ChorusSan Diego, CA5th
1990Masters of HarmonyFoothill Cities, CA1st
1989Masters of HarmonyFoothill Cities, CA4th
1988PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ5th
1986PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ4th
1983PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ1st
1982PeninsulairesPeninsula, CA5th
1981PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ3rd
1980PeninsulairesPeninsula, CA3rd
1979PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ4th
1977Sun Harbor ChorusSan Diego, CA3rd
1976PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ1st
1975PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ2nd
1974PeninsulairesPeninsula, CA2nd
1973Sun Harbor ChorusSan Diego, CA4th
1972PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ1st
1971Sun Harbor ChorusSan Diego, CA2nd
1970PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ2nd
1969Citrus BeltersRiverside, CA5th
1968PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ3rd
1967PhoeniciansPhoenix Saguaro, AZ3rd
1966Sun Harbor ChorusSan Diego, CA5th
1964Citrus BeltersRiverside, CA5th
1963CaliforniansBerkeley, CA3rd
1962RevelairesDowney, CA4th
1961RevelairesDowney, CA3rd
1960CaliforniansBerkeley, CA2nd
1957CaliforniansBerkeley, CA1st

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