Join us as we honor our FWD brothers in song who joined the Chapter Eternal in 2017.

Dean Hunt
James Campbell
Garth Wilson
Raymond Bizzigotti
Paul Kelley
William Legg
William Johnson
Robert Donald
Donald Gubbins
Frank Word
Ray Ashcroft
Delbert Gwin
Frank Tillou
Jack Story
Verne Bagby
John Mininger
Marvin Peterson
Lambuth Cox
Fred Moraga
James Lee
Bob Bauer
Ralph Behling
Ronald Mortimer
Dale Adams
J Keith Murphy
Ken Nelson
Lelan Stahl
William Peck
Conrad Keil
Fred Robirds, Jr
Dean Sowell
Donald Bott
Norman Bryan
Chas Walton
Donald Hickinbotham
Jeffery Baker
Robert Durbin
Nathan Smith
James Summers
Robert Caraway
Harry Thompson

If our list does not include your friend or loved one, please contact the membership records team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..