We are pleased to announce that the Winter 2017 issue of WESTUNES is now available with some great FEATURE STORIES for your reading pleasure. 

The Far Western District is one of the top districts in the Society, and our members deserve nothing short of the best when it comes to their district magazine. It has been a tremendous effort for our staff, and we hope you will be very pleased the results.

This issue boasts EIGHT (8) feature stories!

  • FWD Finals Quartet Contest Pictures
    Pictures of the Quartets competing in the Fall Finals Contest ranked 2-24 are presented, including the mic testing 2016 FWD Champions Don’t Tell Mom
  • FWD Finals Chorus Contest Pictures
    Pictures of the Choruses competing in the Fall Finals Contest ranked 2-18 are presented, and also the mic testing all members chorus.
  • Harmony Foundation
    President & CEO Perry White letter to the FWD Secretary expressing gratitude for FWD donations and a list of those contributing.
  • 2017 Int'l Champion Masters of Harmony
    The first performances for the Masters of Harmony after winning their first gold medal in San Francisco in 1990 and their ninth in Las Vegas in 2017 ...
  • 2017 Youth Harmony Camp Memories
    Harmony Camp 2017 had just about everything you could want. 92 boys came to Camp. Instant Classic and The Newfangled Four showed...
  • Lloyd Steinkamp Endowment Fund
    A major donor stepped up to “double” match contributions of $400 or less through November 2017.
  • Money Making Idea
    Net revenue was $7000 compared to $1000. Got your attention?
  • An Abridged History of Nostalgia
    The quartet Nostalgia was founded by lead Joe Salz and tenor Bill Adank in March, 1975. It was Joe’s idea to use the name ...

You’ll find even more news and information from our regular Departments: The President's Page, Board of Directors reports, District Management Team reports, Division Digests, and the where to get assistance from our Member Services Directory. This issue also includes the minutes from the Fall Board and House of Deligates meetings as well as the official scoring summaries from the Fall Contests.



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