Can't go to the convention? Want to watch your performance when you get home?

Get the Webcast

Watch it LIVE! Watch it LATER!

Subscribers will have access to LIVE STREAMING of the Quartet Semifinals, Chorus Finals, Quartet Finals, and Show of Champions, and access to the webcast archives to watch them later (or again) from October 23rd, through the 30th, 2017.

The webcast is available for $25, and is being offered by Lions Mane Productions.


Technical Tips

Live streams use different languages and protocols to view than HULU, Netflix, YouTube or gaming. This means that the device and network you use to watch these will have different needs. To have the best opportunity to view this stream, we recommend the following steps be taken in your environment before AND during the stream.

  • If you’re watching on a home network, be sure nobody else on that network is watching HULU, Netflix or gaming. The amount of internet data bandwidth and speed doesn’t matter anymore, however having other devices eating up network usages there at home can make a difference.
  • Most people prefer to watch the stream wirelessly, and that’s typically fine. However, if you do run into performance problems while on a notebook computer, try running an Ethernet cable directly to your router, instead of using your notebook wireless.
  • Before you start watching the stream, be sure to have completely powered off, and power back on your computer/device. These streams are VERY resource-intensive, and we need to have your device memory free to work!
  • If you’re watching on a tablet or smart phone, we recommend switching the internet connection to WiFi instead of your cellular data. While we believe your data plan would support this stream, a local wifi connection will be much more stable for you.
  • Please write down the password you entered when you Registered. This is what you will use when you login to watch.
  • If you wished to sling the stream to Google Cast or AppleTV devices, your computer must be connected to the SAME wifi network as the TV device. Google Cast users MUST have the stream open in Google Chrome browser before they will see the icon you use to connect to Cast.

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