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Quartet Workshop: Joe Palmquist (1993-1)

In 1993 the Whittier Chapter hosted a series of quartet workshops, led by the 139th Street Quartet, Earl Moon, Emmett Bossing, Ev Nau, Joe Palmquist and Nick Papageorge. These video archives are timeless and very useful, especially Ev Nau's presentation for the beginner quartet. While the form names may have changed, the concepts and practices have not.

For those who are new to our hobby:

  • Nick Papageorge is the current VP of Music & Performance, Dean of Harmony College West, FWD Hall of Fame member, and District Quartet Champion.
  • Ev Nau worked for the Society at the time of this workshop. He has been an instructor at Harmony College/University for 25 years and retired from the Harmony Foundation in 2013.
  • Earl Moon was the Director (Director Emeritus) of Whittier, a Harmony College instructor and wonderful arranger and District Quartet Champion.

Many thanks to John Gaston, Paul Feinzimer and Al Wolter for making these archives available to our members.

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